Industrial designer, Claes Grönwall, knows how long it takes to build a garden room. Therefore, he designed the “Enkelrum.” A stylish and functional mini house that can be used year-round for any purpose, and where the area and volume is maximally utilized. The outside and inside are divided only by the large windows. You can just move in immediately. 

This was in 2005, and in 2006 the first houses began to be delivered from our own joinery in Gothenburg, in collaboration with design firm 436 Design AB. In 2008, the swedish regulations for free building permit changed from 10 to 15m2 , and in spring 2008 the first 15m2  small houses were delivered from Enkelrum. In the same year, we also launched a larger model, the E20 of 20m2.

In 2009, Enkelrum outgrew its premises and operations were transferred to Hevra AB which, since then, has sold and marketed Enkelrum in Sweden and other Nordic countries.

In 2011, we introduced houses with gable roofs and in 2013 began to deliver bigger houses of up to 30m2.  In 2014, a new regulation in Sweden for small houses of 25m2 came into force and the E25 model was born.

Enkelrum models are manufactured in Sweden and built by independent joineries in Gothenburg and Stockholm, which minimizes transport. The houses are manufactured with Swedish wood products of high quality. Among other things, interior and exterior panelling are supplied by the local planing mills in the Stockholm area and, to minimize waste, the same panelling, is used both internally and externally and for the roof. Generally Ecolabelled products from reputable manufacturers and suppliers are used to the greatest possible extent. Enkelrum models are built indoors in a damp-proof environment according to proprietary technology.

The objective is to offer well designed houses in miniature with high quality and a beautiful finish.