Enkelrum Nest

Treat yourself to the simple life (even if for one night) with a stay at Nest—an Enkelrum immersed in Swedish forest. Enjoy on your own, or with a loved one. “It takes courage to change your life but sometimes you just have to slow things down to be able to see new possibilities and believe in your ability to walk your own path”, co-owner of the Nest, Björn reminds us.
55 kvm
2 254 SEK/Night
Enkelrum for 2 adults

Floor plans

Nature awaits

In a clearing by Immeln’s beach, there is a cabin waiting just for you. There stands an Enkelrum, offering a night of luxurious simplicity in the Scandinavian style, fitted out with a modern kitchen, bathroom, and 360 degree panoramic views of the lake and forest. You’ll wake to the sound of birds chirping and ease into the evening with the fireplace crackling in the background. Unwind and pamper yourself in the beautiful matte black bathroom and fall asleep as the sun sets behind the treetops.


The Nest was a truly special experience. A peaceful space with everything both beautiful and functional inside and out. We loved learning how to make the perfect coffee, enjoyed the incredible tree views from every window and the terrace, and the break from city life.

– David, airbnb augusti 2021


Nest is a small house from Enkelrum consisting of two E30 connected with an E-link. The cabin is framed by the fairytale beech forest of the Immeln’s beach area. Walk bare feet on the vast pine floors, and admire the view through wooden windows from Traryd. Set the mood with dimmable downlights and well-chosen design lighting. Nature awaits in all weathers. Previous guests recommend kayaking, lovely dips in the lake and discovering the surrounding hiking trails on foot. 

Read the story behind Nest: From PTSD to superhost on Airbnb – their new life started with a small nest!: Från PTSD till superhost på Airbnb – deras nya liv började med ett litet bo!

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  • Enkelrum för max 2 gäster
  • Övernatta från 2 nätter och uppåt
  • Bokning via airbnb
  • Eget boende, trädgård och parkering
  • Enkelrum för max 2 gäster
  • Övernatta från 2 nätter och uppåt
  • Bokning via airbnb
  • Eget boende, trädgård och parkering
  • Nest kitchen minimal


  • Komplett kök i utförande Ikea Voxtorp, matt vit med svarta detaljer
  • Spishäll, varmluftsugn & mikrovågsugn
  • Kylskåp & frys
  • Porslin & köksgeråd
  • Diskmaskin
  • Kaffemaskin med bönor från Wildkaffee
  • Altan med grillplats
  • *Door section integrated with fixed windows, separate triple-glazed fixed window and operable double-glazed / argon gas insulated windows included throughout.
  • Aluminium zinc roof
  • Pitched roof
  • Combined Terrace & windbridge
  • Nest bathroom nature view


  • Väggar, tak & golv genomgående i mörkgrått och svart
  • Kvalitetskakel från Höganäs i mörkgrå
  • Designbadrumsartiklar från Dornbracht & Art Ceram
  • Tvättmaskin & torktumlare
  • Badrumsfönster med naturen utanför
  • Toalettartiklar & städprodukter
  • Golvvärme för extra komfort
  • *Precision sawn edges between floor-wall-ceiling.
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Toilet
  • Sauna
  • Nest bedroom double


  • Vitvaxat furugolv, liggande vitmålad innerpanel
  • Dubbelsäng
  • Luftkonditionering
  • Mörkläggningsgardiner för ljusa sommarnätter
  • Pardörr för sömlös känsla mellan ute och inne
  • Altan med trappa rakt ut i naturen
  • Sängkläder & handdukar
  • Another façade (such as larch wood)
  • Different flooring
  • Talk to us about our other available options or come up with your own!
  • We’re proudly Stockholm, not stock homes

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