Simple rooms for a simpler way of life.

Enkelrum (that’s simple room, in Swedish) are small homes, studios, saunas, guest houses or holiday cabins. Each building is handmade in Scandinavia and crafted to last. Enkelrum help you make space for what’s important – whether that’s in your backyard or bushland.

We specialize in four sizes, they’re all small.

Whether you need to create a devoted space for something special, or it’s time to detox and shift things down a gear or two, Enkelrum sees you through life’s next big thing.

Super Small (Friggebod)​

Extra Small (Attefallshus)​

Small (Fritidshus)​

Modular house

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“When simplicity is the goal in life, most of your worries will disappear. You can focus more on what’s really important and be truly happy.”

Carl Honore – Challening the cult of speed

Why buy small?

Science says, it’s good for us to spend more time in small spaces surrounded by nature. It reduces stress levels and helps us focus. Enkelrum’s design and placement in natural settings – like your garden or your holiday plot – provide:

– Coziness & comfort
– A sense of calm
– More focus & clarity
– Lower consumption of power & heating
– Higher quality materials (but fewer of them)
– A smaller footprint

Simply, it’s better for you and for the planet. Intrigued to get started with your own Enkelrum?

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Find your balance

The Enkelrum process is designed to help you rediscover your tempo giusto – the right speed. Here’s your personal quest in six small steps.

1. Dream of how you want to use an Enkelrum, and how much space you need—are you adding focus space, or planning to live small?

2. Reality check: Get in touch with Enkelrum.

3. Place your order and prepare for delivery day.

4. Wait for your Enkelrum to be handcrafted in our local workshop.

5. Watch your Enkelrum be gently placed on site by crane.

6. Begin your next chapter with a fresh space and a clear mind.

“When we lived in the apartment in Stockholm, I longed for my own land, and it became evident to me when I wanted to dig pots for making kimchi and didn’t have anywhere to dig.”

Emma Kim Hagdahl – Okimo Studio

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Hear from the community

Whether you need to create a devoted space for something special, or it’s time to detox and shift things down a gear or two, Enkelrum sees you through life’s next big thing.

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Hear from people who’ve walked this path before you.

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Take a break.

Treat yourself to the simple life (even if for one night) with a stay at Nest—an Enkelrum immersed in Swedish forest. Enjoy on your own, or in the company of a loved one.

“It takes courage to change your life but sometimes you just have to slow things down to be able to see new possibilities and believe in your ability to walk your own path”

Björn, co-owner of the Nest

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Small houses, big impact.

Enkelrum is a small, slow-growth company based in Stockholm. We’re proud of our long-standing supply chain of Nordic companies, suppliers and artisans who carefully craft a small number of Enkelrum, year-after-year.

We’re not interested in fastpaced, trend-focused design. Instead, we choose to build high-quality Enkelrum in a timeless style that will last for generations. In fact, Enkelrum’s design has remained basically the same since we started in 2005. Why change a good thing?

small houses, big impact

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