Hello! We’re Enkelrum (that’s simple room, in Swedish!) We’re the Nordics favourite small leisure houses.

Enkelrum are eco-friendly sheds, garden offices, and holiday houses, completely designed and crafted in Sweden. We’ve been around since 2005, and are known for our good design, fine details and durability.

Fritidshus E68 i naturen
Frtidshus med panorama och miljovanliga material
Enkelrum fritidshus osterlen
E20 är ett vinterbonat Attefallshus nyckelfärdigt levererat direkt till din tomt
stilfullt poolhus från enkelrum
attefallshus nyckelfärdigt 25 på tomten
bastuhus med relax

Explore our world or contact Enkelrum Studio directly about your future project. We’re good, wherever you put us!

We specialise in three sizes, they’re all small.​

Sometimes you need more space, sometimes you want less. Luckily, we’re experts in keeping our spaces small without sacrificing functional space for your chosen activities.

Super Small (Friggebod)​

The smallest Enkelrum, measuring 10-15 sqm.

Extra Small (Attefallshus)​

The most popular Enkelrum, available up to 25 sqm.

Small (Fritidshus)​

The most liveable Enkelrum, 30 sqm or more.

Naturen väntar.

Proudly Scandinavian

All Enkelrum are designed and made in Sweden. We’re proud of our high quality Nordic supply chain, eco-friendly materials, low-waste design and local craftsmanship. Read more about our values and sustainability efforts.

arkitektritat sommarhus

Learn about our custom-built Enkelrum

Visit your future Enkel-roomies in our village of Enkelrum. Listen to their stories of each personal costomization. Welcome to Enkelville – the land of little.

Listen to their stories.​

Click each house in our interactive story map to meet your future friends in Enkelville – our land of little. Here you will find some of our real, unique projects, proving how powerful and purposeful each Enkelrum can be.

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