At a solidly small 30 sqm plus, Fritidshus are sized comfortable and insulated for year-round living. Pair these Enkelrum with our Living package to create your holiday home, outer-city retreat, house for rent or permanent abode. Designed for holiday-makers, minimalists or sustainable ninja’s who simply want less. The sizing of Fritidshus is suitable for more than two people, they can sleep multiple people!


E-Link is the most customizable Enkelrum available.


E30 uses the same extra layer of insulation as the E25, but gives you more space.


E34 is the bigger sister of the E30, with the same build, insulation and flexibility over a larger area.


E38 is the next best thing at Enkelrum, add some separate bedrooms to create your perfect family home with an even larger space!

Get some rest at Nest

Boka ett Enkelrum i naturen. Njut av skogens tystnad på ett nytt och unikt vis med Enkelrum Nest.

Sammanbyggda moduler

E-long is the most customizable Enkelrum available.

Enkel-fact: Fritidshus means vacation house in Swedish. Simple!

Let’s keep it simple...

We want you to have more time for the things you actually care about. So, we’ve been perfecting our process for over 10 years, making it as straightforward as possible! Here’s how it works.

fritidshus vit langa 70 kvm


1. Choose your size

E30, E34, E38 or even bigger? Choose your add- ons, or maybe a basic Enkelrum suits your needs!

Not sure? Contact us

Fritidshus specialritat ikea kok 70 kvm

2 weeks

2. Design

Contact Enkelrum Studio (that’s us, your team of professional designers!) to make your space, your own. Have a crazy-nev- er-before-seen idea for your Enkelrum? Talk to us about it!

fritidshus platsbyggd inredning enkelrum

3 weeks

3. Order

Place your order.

platsbyggd horna i fritidshus fran enkelrum

5 weeks

Manufacture & groundwork

Your Enkelrum will be handcrafted in our local workshop, by our talented team for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, you prepare the final location for delivery day.

enkelrum sommarhus 70 kvm

12 weeks

5. Delivery!

Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours!


Absolutely! We’re always excited to take on new and different projects, explore our Enkelville map to see from some of our custom[er’s] projects.

Around 6-8 weeks from order date to delivery. But sometimes we’re the hottest thing since sliced bread, which means our diary (and workshop) can get full, quick! Get in contact for a current time estimate.

Enkelrum are real homes that are thoughtfully designed and locally crafted from solid, durable materials. They are eco-friendly, considered, insulated, liveable and affordable. That’s more than any other small building company can say.

Sure! We can merge existing models to create a custom-solution. Talk to us today about the possibilities, let’s design your Enkelrum together.

Generellt gäller 4,5 meter från tomtgräns. Det kan dock finnas undantag som gäller om det finns en avståndsbestämmelse i detaljplanen som gör att huset kan placeras närmare. Kontakta byggnadsnämnden i din kommun för att veta vad som gäller för dig och din tomt. 

För att läsa vidare om fritidshus och regler går du in på Boverkets hemsida här. Du  kan även kontakta oss för frågor då vi hjälpt och hanterat många ärenden åt våra tidigare kunder.



Completely finished with a crane truck and lifted into  place in your garden.