Introducing Attefallshus, the most popular and refined of all Enkelrum, measuring up to 30 sqm. Attefallshus does everything that a Friggebod can, but gives you even more space to do what you love. They’re big enough to be used as a living space in all seasons, but cozy enough to heat-up quickly in those wintry months. Use the Attefallshus as a guest house, sleepout, summer house or very fashionable pool house – why not add a sauna while you’re at it? With the right design, you can make an Attefallshus fully self-contained to rent out, give your teenager their very own space, or use as a guest room to bring your family closer. The world is your Enkelrum!

nyckelfärdigt attefallshus gotland


E20 is one of our most refined Enkelrum because it’s flexible enough to accommodate all of your needs.
attefallshus E25 på kajen i vaxholm


E25 is a bit like the E20, but with an extra layer of insulation to keep you even warmer in the winters.
Attefallshus 30 kvm fran Enkelrum


E30 uses the same extra layer of insulation as the E25, but gives you more space.

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Hos Enkelrum är vi stolta över vår förmåga att leverera nyckelfärdiga attefallshus som inte bara möter, utan överträffar våra kunders förväntningar. När vi slutförde ett projekt som förvandlade en kunds dröm till en perfekt liten oas, delade kunden sina tankar: “Detaljrikedomen och kvaliteten i huset gick långt utöver vad vi hade föreställt oss.” Det bekräftar vår strävan efter att alltid leverera det allra bästa, med kundens vision i centrum. Utforska hur vi skapar unika hem genom vår berättelse om att förverkliga en kunds dröm om det perfekta landstället.

Let’s keep it simple...

We want you to have more time for the things you actually care about. So, we’ve been perfecting our process for over 10 years, making it as straightforward as possible! Here’s how it works.



1. Choose your size

E20, E25, E30? Choose your add- ons, or maybe a basic Enkelrum suits your needs!

Not sure? Contact us

ikea kök enkelrum komplett

2 weeks.

2. Design

Customize your Enkelrum.

attefallshus nyckelfardigt arkitektritad interior

3 weeks.

3. Order

Place your order.

attefallshus sovrum med vaningsang

4 weeks.

4. Manufacture & groundwork

Your Enkelrum will be handcraft- ed in our local workshop, by our talented team for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, you prepare the final location for delivery day.

attefallshus svart funkis enkelrum

5 weeks.

5. Delivery!

Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours!


Enkel-fact: In July, 2014 the Scandinavian kingdom amended its Planning and Building Act to allow homeowners to build small structures on their land without obtaining a building permit, and it’s all thanks to Stefan Attefall. Hence, Attefallshus, which, if my sources are correct, translates to Attefall’s house, go figure!


An “attefallshus” is a type of small house or dwelling in Sweden that is named after former Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Stefan Attefall. These houses are typically compact in size, usually around 25-30 square meters, and are intended for residential use. They are often used as guesthouses, studios, home offices, or small living spaces. Attefallshus can be built without the need for a full building permit under certain conditions outlined in the Swedish Planning and Building Act, making them a popular option for expanding residential properties.

The simple answer is yes! However the house must meet specific requirements outlined in the Swedish Planning and Building Act.  Before deciding to live permanently in an attefallshus, it’s therefore crucial to research and understand the specific regulations and requirements in your municipality or region. Contact us for guidance!

In Sweden, the regulations regarding the size of a house you can build vary depending on factors such as location, zoning regulations, and whether you need planning permission or not. Typically, you can build smaller structures like friggebodar (small buildings) up to a certain size without needing planning permission. However, for larger houses or structures, you may need to adhere to local building codes and obtain the necessary permits. It’s best to consult with local authorities or a professional architect to determine the specific regulations and requirements for your area.

Yes, absolutely! Enkelrum houses are designed to be used year-round, providing comfort and functionality regardless of the season. Whether it’s cozying up inside during the colder months or enjoying the outdoor spaces during the warmer seasons, your Enkelrum is adaptable to various weather conditions and can serve as a comfortable retreat throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence, a vacation home, or a cozy retreat, Enkelrum houses are versatile and suitable for year-round use, allowing you to embrace the simplicity of living in harmony with nature regardless of the season.

Heating an Enkelrum during colder seasons can be achieved through various methods. Regardless of the heating method you choose, Enkelrum ensures proper insulation and sealing to minimize heat loss and maximize energy efficiency!

No! In Sweden, an Attefallshus can be built without the need for a building permit under certain conditions. The construction of an attefallshus falls under what is known as “Attefallshuslagen” or the Attefall House Act, which allows for the construction of small residential buildings without requiring a formal building permit. But you still need to send in a “bygganmälan” which can be explained to be a simpler form of a permit.

While both “attefallshus” and “tiny houses” share similarities in that they are compact dwellings, there are some differences between the two:

  1. Size: Attefallshus typically have a maximum size limit of 30 square meters, as regulated by Swedish law. Tiny houses, on the other hand, can vary in size but are generally smaller than traditional homes, often ranging from 10 to 40 square meters or even less.
  2. Legal framework: Attefallshus are governed by specific regulations outlined in the Swedish Planning and Building Act. These regulations include requirements regarding size, placement, and construction methods. Tiny houses may be subject to different regulations depending on the country or region in which they are built.
  3. Purpose: Attefallshus are commonly used as guesthouses, studios, or additional living spaces on residential properties. Tiny houses may serve similar purposes but can also be used as primary residences, vacation homes, or mobile dwellings.

In summary, while both attefallshus and tiny houses are small dwellings designed for efficient living, they may differ in size, legal regulations, and intended use.

Turnkey refers to a fully furnished and ready-to-move-in tiny house that is equipped with all the necessary features and amenities for comfortable living.

Small houses are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons!  Small houses offer a range of benefits, including affordability, sustainability, flexibility, and the opportunity to embrace a simpler, more intentional way of living.

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Completely finished with a crane truck and lifted into place in your garden.

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