About E-Link

E-Link is the most customizable Enkelrum available. Go as big or as little as you like by combining our existing models to craft the perfect solution. Why not add to your existing Enkelrum?
from 50 sqm

Floor plans

Things you could do in your E-Link

Expand your existing office/studio Enkelrum to accommodate your growing business, live in your new home all year-round, unwind in your holiday house with the family, rent out the entire house, turn it into your winter cabin and add a sauna or something completely different! Contact Enkelrum Studio now about customizing an E-Link that works for you.


  • Weight varies
  • Maximum external dimension varies
  • Weight varies
  • Maximum external dimension varies
  • Fasad målad i Alcro arkitekt svart


  • Timber-frame construction
  • Insulated glass windows and door*
  • Black, White or Red painted wooden façade
  • Traditional felt roof
  • Gutters, drip-strips and downpipes in aluminium-zinc
  • *Door section integrated with fixed windows, separate triple-glazed fixed window and operable double-glazed / argon gas insulated windows included throughout.
  • Aluminium zinc roof
  • Pitched roof
  • Combined Terrace & windbridge
  • Enkelrums attefallshus med interiör i massivt furu och vacker trapanel


  • Solid 14×137 mm pine flooring in black, white or natural
  • Interior walls / ceilings in horizontal wood panels
  • Moisture barrier and insulation under wall, ceiling and floor panels
  • Precision sawn edges between floor-wall-ceiling
  • Mineral wool & Kooltherm insulation
  • *Precision sawn edges between floor-wall-ceiling.
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Toilet
  • Sauna
  • downlights detalj


  • Electrical installation
  • 16A
  • Dimmable downlights & Lamp sockets for interior ceiling lights with separate switches.
  • Smart dimmer control with app from Plejd
  • Double-port electrical outlets
  • App controlled automatic bathroom fan
  • Another façade (such as larch wood)
  • Different flooring
  • Talk to us about our other available options or come up with your own!
  • We’re proudly Stockholm, not stock homes

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