About E30

E30 uses the same extra layer of insulation as the E25, but gives you more space to create separate rooms, or leave as a large open space. The E30 is a comfortable space to fit small families with all the mod-cons.
30 sqm
Base price: 665 000 SEK
Base price + living: 938 500 SEK

Floor plans

Things you could do in your E30

Live in your E30 all year-round, relax in your holiday house with the family, run your small business from your studio/office space, rent out the entire space, turn it into your winter skiing cabin and add a sauna or make it completely your own! Visit Enkelville to see the creative E30 solutions. Contact us about a personalizing your E30. Delivered to you complete and lifted into place in your garden with a crane truck. E30 has a width of 4 meters, which places higher demands on accessibility via roads.


  • 5500 kg (approx.)
  • 8000mm(w) x 4000mm(d) x 3300mm(h) maximum external dimension.
  • 5500 kg (approx.)
  • 8000mm(w) x 4000mm(d) x 3300mm(h) maximum external dimension.
  • Fasad målad i Alcro arkitekt svart


  • Timber-frame construction
  • Insulated glass windows and door *
  • Black, White or Falcon Red painted wooden façade
  • Traditional felt roof
  • Gutters, drip-strips and downpipes in aluminium-zinc.
  • * (door section integrated with 2 fixed windows, a separate triple-glazed fixed window and 2 operable double-glazed / argon gas insulated windows included throughout.)
  • Aluminium zinc roof
  • Pitched roof
  • Combined Terrace & windbridge
  • Attefallshus 30 köksinredning med spis


  • Solid 14 × 137mm pine flooring in black, white or natural.
  • Interior walls / ceilings in horizontal wood panels
  • Moisture barrier and insulation under wall, ceiling and floor panels
  • Precision sawn edges between floor-wall-ceiling
  • Kooltherm & Mineral wool insulation
  • *Precision sawn edges between floor-wall-ceiling.
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • downlights detalj


  • Electrical installation
  • 16A
  • Double-port electrical outlets (6 interior, 1 exterior)
  • 2 lamp sockets for interior ceiling lights. 2 separate switches for ceiling lamp sockets.
  • Dimmable downlights (3 in, 4 out.)
  • Smart dimmer control with app from Plejd
  • Another façade (such as larch wood)
  • Different flooring
  • Alternate walls
  • We’re proudly Stockholm, not stock homes

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